• I have helped thousands of home buyers to happily navigate the complex process since 1978

  • I treat each prospective purchaser as an individual, and find unique solutions based on my wealth of experience

  • I believe the way to a sale is through asking the right questions and listening carefully to the wants, needs, and abilities of my buyers

  • I look at each customer as a potential lifetime client… and treat each customer as I would like to be treated myself

  • I am willing to do the hard work that earns a customer’s business… I don’t just feel entitled to it!

Information for Buyers

Are you tired of being treated as a vehicle to a Real Estate sales commission?

My customers know that I live by the words, “take care of the people, and the money will take care of itself.” I approach each prospective purchaser as an individual.

Instead of rattling off a “canned” spiel, my buyers are pleasantly surprised when I listen more than I talk. My time is valuable, and I know my client’s time is valuable, too. So I ask a lot of questions when we first meet. The answers to those questions help me narrow down the search.

Why waste time looking at properties that don’t fit your parameters? Instead of driving around looking at endless open houses and responding to advertising in the mass media, my customers are directed to the 2, 3, or 4 properties they would be most likely to buy.

Often, we find the right property the first day!

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