• I have the intimate knowledge of the market because I have been an active participant since 1978

  • My practical application of the learning I have gained through thousands of transactions translates into smooth sailing for you without disappointing surprises

  • I have the verifiable track record of experience that allows me to answer unequivocally when you have questions

  • Because I am already successful, and not needing to use you to gain experience, I can afford to “tell it like it is”… even if it results in your decision not to list with me

  • Even though you will get first-class service, you will pay no premium to take advantage of my unique programs. My costs are among the lowest in the industry so I can afford to pass the savings on to you!

Information for Sellers

I am not the type of broker who thinks marketing means going to King Sooper's to pick up some vegetables.

And I am not the type who uses the “3 P’s” plan to sell your home. You know... Put a sign up - Put it in Metrolist® - Pray for it to sell!

Trusting a Realtor® to sell your home is like getting married. You don’t get the true picture until after the wedding!

How do you know if a Realtor® is going to get the job done to your satisfaction? The key is to find a Realtor® with a verifiable track record of success.

I have a list of hundreds of clients who will verify that

I do what I say I am going to do, in the time period I say I will do it.

Not only do I have hundreds of millions of dollars worth of sales under my belt, I have something money can’t buy. Integrity.

You can count on me!

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Licensed Colorado Real Estate Broker
License # EI223531

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